We help amplify the strengths of your business

  • Operational Excellence

    A core value-add of our firm is to help our companies attain high levels of operational excellence. We believe that the process of building and honing a long-term operating plan creates clarity across many business dimensions for founders and teams. We provide the tools for founders to develop detailed operating plans in order to help them achieve their aspirational business goals on compressed timelines.

  • Authenticity and Candor

    Our approach to investing is differentiated and informed by our long-term experience as investors across 400 companies over 25 years. We bring the insights from these experiences and provide value-added feedback to founders efficiently, candidly and with empathy. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to the relationships we have with the Founders we invest in and encourage them to hold us accountable to our commitments.

  • Scalability with Limited Capital

    We believe it is our job as investors to help founders focus on strategic value creation (in addition to the tactical demands of their business). We engage deeply with the founding teams in the initial months after our investment and help founders take a step back and make sure they are focusing on the highest value initiatives that will help them achieve outsized value creation on compressed timelines.

  • Founder Confidant

    Our relationship with Founders is based on low ego behavior, integrity, candor and mutual respect. In addition, given our long history of investing in companies, not much rattles us. Hence we are one of the more steady hands around the table in the entrepreneurial journey for founders. We have found that due to this model of engagement most founders think of us as one of their core confidants.